If you have zero YouTube subscribers, Do THIS First!


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In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you the one strategy that can take you from zero YouTube subscribers to ten thousand subscribers and beyond.

So you decided to start a YouTube channel this year and maybe you’ve been watching a ton of different youtubers and wanting to create content just like them, but I’m here to tell you that the content they’re creating may not be what you need to start with.

How do you crack the YouTube code?

You know, you think about YouTube, you think about how do I get my video seen? How do I become someone who people want to follow? Right?

That’s why we’re here on the platform. We’re here on the platform to create valuable content that can help people solve a problem. And that’s really when you’re starting at zero YouTube subscribers, the first question I want you to answer, “Who do I help and how do I help them? What problem do I solve?” This is something you want to make sure you’re journaling down, that you’ve got that in your mind before you even get started, really, on making videos.

Now, how do you crack the YouTube code? How do you get discovered? How do you allow your views, like people to actually view your videos? And really it comes down to you answering a question, you answering a question.  And how do you do that? Well, we have a formula here I think that we call A.S.Q: You want to answer specific questions? How do you break through on YouTube this year?


You need to answer specific questions

If I were to start a brand new YouTube YouTube channel right now, this is the one strategy I would use to get discovered, to get views, get to my first ten thousand subscribers and beyond. So what is answering specific questions? Well, how do you even find that? Like what questions should I be answering? What I need to do is write down the questions that people in your target audience are asking. So what are they going to the YouTube search bar and actually typing in? Well, let’s see what happens when you go to the YouTube search bar and you type in “how to”. Writing “how to” is a great way to get started with answering specific questions, because “how to” means I have a problem, I need to learn how to do whatever my problem is. I need to figure out the answer to my problem. Let’s say I had in “organizing” like I was helping moms learn how to organize their home. Let’s just say I type into the chat “how to”. I’m going to type into the chat “how to” and then I’m going to write “organize”. Because if I’m someone who is looking to figure out how to organize, that’s what I would type into the chat.

zero YouTube subscribers

And then guess what happens on YouTube? Well, when you type in “how to organize”, YouTube is going to actually auto predict different video ideas for you to create. So now, you know what pops out and you get to see all those different things that people are typing and you kind of get to choose which one, when you’re the user you’re going through in your choosing which one? Well, as the content creator here on YouTube, this is valuable information. Why? Because it’s telling you exactly what people are writing into the search bar when they have this problem. And here’s what they’re typing in, they’re not just typing and how to organize that’s still pretty broad. What they’re typing in is “how to organize your closet”. If I have the problem where right now I have three kids that are in one room and I have a tiny little closet, I need to figure out how do we organize this closet. I’m not just going to the platform saying how do I organize my home, I am specific with an exact problem, so you want to answer specific questions. What about this one: “how to organize my dresser drawer?” That’s pretty specific. I mean, think about your whole entire house, right? Like, right now you’re probably sitting in your office, maybe in your in your living room or maybe you’re in your kitchen, you’re listening to an YouTube video while you’re cooking dinner right now, there is a lot of things in your house that you may need to organize, right? Well, every single one of these search terms is a video and people are very specific with their problems.

When you think about all the things in a home, a dresser drawer is very specific. So you want to be answering specific questions. If you are someone who is in maybe the health and wellness space and you want to help people lose weight, well, they’re not really typing in how to lose weight. I mean, that is a problem. That’s kind of the broader problem. But what’s the specific thing they’re trying to accomplish? What do they actually need from you? Well, if you type in “how to lose weight”, the video idea that you could be creating right now, if this is your niche, “how to lose weight in four easy steps”. Yes, I want to know that. Please tell me about how to lose weight in one day. You can sign me up for that video. I will watch that video if you make that video. These are the specific questions that you could be answering when you’re creating videos. Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret right now.

Just keep answering specific questions. So if you’re just starting and you’re at zero YouTube subscribers and you’re needing to know what kind of videos to make, I want to let you know that this strategy, this one strategy, this could help you get to your first ten thousand subscribers. What about how to lose weight fast without exercise? Yes, I want that one as well. All these ones are really great ideas. But you’ll notice in the search bar is I, by typing in that one key phrase into the YouTube search bar, I now have many videos that I could create.

And guess what each one of those videos are doing, they’re answering a specific question. Well, what happens? Here we go. Your power question is “What is your target audience typing into the YouTube and Google search bar? What are they actually typing into the YouTube and Google search bar?” A lot of times we think: “OK, I need to sit down and plan”, “I need to get into the psychology.” You do! You definitely need to! But can I give you a little secret? A lot of this is right in front of you. A lot of this is you actually just asking the people you want to help: “Hey, what do you type into the YouTube and Google search bar?”

Your power question is: what is your target audience typing into the YouTube and Google search bar? I remember answer specific questions. That’s the key to today’s trading. Answer specific questions!

This is what happens when you start answering specific questions if you start to not just grow in your views, which is really important, but you also start to create a community on YouTube. So what action do you need to take? What do you need to do next? Well, your action is to make a list of ten questions.


What are people typing into the search bar? How specific can you be? Remember when I typed in “how to organize”, it came up with “how to organize my dresser drawer”. So you want to be really specific on the question that you are answering. And then lastly, you want to create one smart video per week. So if you’re going to be answering those questions, if you’re starting at zero YouTube subscribers, if you’re trying to grow your YouTube channel right now, this year, then you need to be making one smart video per week. Now, what do I mean by smart video? I mean, put your time and energy into answering a specific question. Now, I’m sure you’ve probably watched a lot of videos on YouTube, but did you know that YouTube is always changing? Did you know that there’s always updates and new things that you need to know about how to dominate on this platform?


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