How to grow your YouTube channel with TubeBuddy, the ultimate YouTube tool


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Looking to start making money online on YouTube or grow your YoutTube audience? Look no further, as the ultimate YouTube tool is here – TubeBuddy. Offering a complex selection of features, TubeBuddy is a YouTube tool that can be adjusted to fit various needs – from beginners to seasoned YouTube channels.
In this article, you’ll find out how to customize the TubeBuddy YouTube tool to grow your YouTube channel. But first things first.


What is the TubeBuddy YouTube tool?

TubeBuddy is an authorized YouTube SEO tool and browser extension that connects to your Youtube dashboard. All you have to do is install the TubeBuddy extension in your browser, which is extremely easy, and log in. Your YouTube dashboard will be upgraded with plenty of new features, all thanks to TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is YouTube certified, so it’s 100% safe to install and use. What’s more, when you mix all of those tools with the diligence needed in building a channel, you’ll dramatically increase your views, subscribers and earnings. TubeBuddy makes your work easier – all its features are designed to save time and effort while offering top tips to grow your YouTube channel.


How much does the TubeBuddy YouTube tool cost?


TubeBuddy Pricing

The TubeBuddy extension is free and includes all the essential tools you need. But if you want to take it to the next level and use the features to boost your YouTube channel in no time, costs vary between $7.20 and $39.20 per month.
However, you’ll enjoy discounts of up to 50% of if your YouTube channel has less than 1.000 subscribers, making TubeBuddy the perfect YouTube tool to start with. For example, the Pro plan costs only $3.60 per month, making TubeBuddy very reasonable for beginners.
TubeBuddy’s free extension offers plenty of features to start off your YouTube channel, and its paid plans offer even more features to help you grow even faster.

PROS and CONS of TubeBuddy YouTube tool


  1. Helps you master YouTube SEO
  2. Allows you to “draft” views from different channels
  3. Fee basic plan
  4. YouTube Certified
  5. Easy to use



  1. Only 1 license per channel

Top TubeBuddy tools

TubeBuddy YoutTube tool offers over 65 options to help you boost your videos according to YouTube’s algorithmic rules. This means that each and every feature is optimized to get you the best results, and a mix of these tools will maximize your chances to grow your videos. Here are TubeBuddy’s top tools:


The upload suite is where the YouTube SEO magic happens. Well, most of it anyway. The keyword explorer is an essential part of the upload suite and it’s the TubeBuddy tool that helps you grow your channel and gain more views. It offers you the chance to select from an extensive list of keywords to associate with your video so that it will be easier to find by those searching for that keyword or the related keywords.
All you have to do is type your video subject into the keyword search box, and it’ll tell you what related high search volume keywords you’ll be able to use in your title. It also suggests what’s trending, so you’ll also be able to tap into what’s trending!
For example, if you type “travel vlog” into the keyword search box, you’ll find related keywords such as “travel vlog [country name]” and “travel vlog 2021”. You’ll also get an overall score of the keywords you’ve searched (travel vlog).
If it ranks “poor”, perfect! This means it’s highly competitive, but also has a lot of potential, and gives you the chance to create an amazing piece of content that you can get into the YouTube algorithm. However, your goal here should be to get featured in the “suggested views” section because this is both time and cost-effective and will give your video a chance to be seen without competing with superior videos and accounts.



This feature boosts the keyword feature. It extends the keyword array with related subjects. For example, if you’ve chosen “travel vlog” keywords, it will suggest tags such as “[city name] street food”, [country name] food” or “best restaurants”. TubeBuddy suggested tags




With TubeBuddy, you can also see other videos’ rankings and tags, so you can get valuable insights on how other people successfully promoted their videos and then adjust yours. You can use the tags successful videos have and gain some traction on yours, so you can get featured in the suggested views section.

TubeBuddy Videolytics Feature



The A/B Testing feature is available in the Legend plan, and it’s worth having because it allows you to compare titles and thumbnails to see which works best. What TubeBuddy does is it changes these preloaded different titles and thumbnails so you can measure which has been more successful.
And don’t worry, TubeBuddy generates an easy-to-understand report at the end of this A/B testing. This feature can also be used on already uploaded videos, so you can boost your views on hundreds of vids.



TubeBuddy’s bulk processing features save a ton of time and effort. This tool helps you change thumbnails, description and titles, cards and end screens. And this is super useful when you have lots of videos on your YouTube channel, as you can edit all your videos in just a couple of clicks, rather than edit each individual video. Awesome, right?
You can use it if you want to include a new product in your videos’ titles, descriptions or end screens. Or if you want to use a specific keyword in the descriptions or titles of multiple videos.



When you’ll have tons of comments, you’ll want to reply to all of them to keep your community engaged. And in no time. Well, here’s where the Comment Moderation feature steps in – this time-saver feature not only allows you to sort through the comments but also to reply through canned responses and see recent subscribers. Oh, and it also highlights comments from your supporters. Basically, this feature allows you to stay connected with your audience without spending hours just replying to comments.



Other social media channels are a great way to boost your video views. And instead of manually uploading or sharing the links on Facebook, TubeBuddy allows you to upload the vids directly on Facebook. And you can start watching the views pile up.



How about using Google to boost your YouTube views? You can do that with TubeBuddy! The Opportunity Finder feature suggests the top tags to use on your videos so that their chances to be found on Google increase. The more optimized your videos are, the higher your videos can climb Google’s ranks.



Get your video titles and descriptions translated into other languages so you can increase your global viewership. There are tons of potential with this feature.



You can post your videos according to the time zone of your followers. Or you can use TubeBuddy for in-depth analytics to make sure you upload your videos when they can perform best for your audience. It also helps your videos to get into YouTube’s algorithm.



Data fan? TubeBuddy offers data about your competitors – views, uploads, subscribers and engagement per month. And you can export this data, analyze it and adapt your strategy to get the most of your videos.



This TubeBuddy feature allows you to quickly scan what’s working and what’s not. You can look into search traffic, watch time, related videos and analytics.



This feature is absolutely amazing, and useful. It scans Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit to allow you to see what people say about your videos. And you can also see where your videos are being shared.



Having trouble remembering all the steps you need to take when uploading your video? TubeBuddy got you covered – this feature makes you tick all the 9 steps every time you upload a video.



You can scan whether your brand name or any other keyword you want is being used on YouTube – this feature scans the titles, descriptions and tags of other videos to let you know if you’ve been mentioned. Or to let you know how your competition uses a particular keyword.



If you don’t have the time or the skills to use photoshop, then TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator is the one for you. As you probably already know, choosing the right thumbnail is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your YouTube SEO, so you’ll want to get it right.



This feature allows you to know how much to charge for your brand deals. All you have to do is connect it to SocialBlueBook and you’ll see how much you need to charge for shoutouts, dedicated videos and others alike. The feature analyses your average traffic per video, total subscribers and monthly views and it can also help you know if your valuation is falling or rising.



This feature is a life-saver! You wouldn’t want to put in time and effort to a video only to have it flagged or taken down because one of the words used in its title or description was inappropriate. And instead of putting a lot of effort into it, with no guarantees, you can use this TubeBuddy feature and rest assured. You’d never guess which words are being considered inappropriate on YouTube, so don’t risk losing earnings right after the upload and let this feature scan your video’s title, tags and keywords.



With TubeBuddy channelytics you can analyze your competitors’ YouTube channels. You can compare monthly views, tags and more, and all you have to do is visit the desired channel and click the channelytics tab.


TubeBuddy plans explained

There are 3 TubeBuddy plans available, each one crafted for different needs, and each one offering its particular perks. You can choose the one you want and start boosting your YouTube channel right away, there are no contracts and you can cancel your subscription anytime – basically TubeBuddy works as a subscription.

1. TubeBuddy Pro plan

The Pro plan is the basic one, very cheap and with lots of useful features. If you’re just starting out, this is the plan for you – you’ll also get a 50% discount if you have less than 1.000 followers! At only $7.2 per month, TubeBuddy’s Pro plan is going to help you grow your YouTube channel through enhanced optimization.
You’ll have access to lots of productivity tools, video access tools and most of the YouTube SEO tools. What’s more, you’ll get full access to the keyword explorer and suggested tags features to make things even simpler and easier to use in terms of growing your channel.

TubeBuddy Pro Plan

2. TubeBuddy Star plan

Star plan is TubeBuddy’s most popular plan because it offers the perfect combo of features and a good price-feature ratio. What’s specific to this plan is that it will unlock time-saving features and give you access to enhanced video analytic tools.
With the Star plan, you’ll also enjoy all the YouTube SEO tools, bulk processing tools and lots of automation features to help you gain more visibility, followers and engagement and manage all of them in no time.

3. TubeBuddy Legend plan

If you’re already a star on YouTube, it’s time to become a legend! TubeBuddy’s Legend plan takes things to a whole other level, unlocking the full power of this amazing YouTube tool. All the great features of the Pro and Star plans can be enjoyed with the Legend plan, and more – the A/B testing feature and the auto-translator feature are just two of these amazing perks.

TubeBuddy discounts

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that TubeBuddy can be paid monthly or annually, in which case you benefit from a 20% discount. As a member, you’ll also enjoy 25% off on the Epidemic Sound music library.
But not only influencers-to-be can use TubeBuddy’s tools to grow their YouTube business. Non-profits or NGOs can also benefit from TubeBuddy, and they also enjoy a special discount – 25% off any license.
Companies also have special perks designed for them – if your company manages more than 20 YouTube channels, you’ll definitely enjoy a customized plan to fit your needs.

TubeBuddy mobile

Want to optimize and grow your YouTube channel on the go? Use TubeBuddy’s mobile version! The TubeBuddy mobile app is 100% free to download and use. However, if you haven’t got any TubeBuddy subscription, the app may be limited, as not all features are available.
You can get the Mobile Unlimited version of the app for only $2.99 per month, or you can use this version if you already have any TubeBuddy subscription.
The TubeBuddy mobile app is the scaled-down version of the browser extension, allowing you to work on your YouTube channel on the go, from anywhere. It’s easy to use and offers lots of useful tools:

  • Live Subscriber Count
  • Tag Explorer
  • Comment Filtering
  • Canned Responses
  • Channel Milestones
  • Tag Rankings
  • Suggested Tags
  • Commenter Subscriber Counts
  • Video Topic Planner
  • Tag List Management

The TubeBuddy mobile app is available both on iOS devices and Android devices. You’ll need to have at least the 10.3 iOS version on your device to download the app, and at least the 6.0 Android version.


TubeBuddy review summary

TubeBuddy is definitely the best YouTube SEO and growth tool on the market. It is very easy to use and you can install it in your browser in just a few clicks. You can always try the free version and see how that works for you, then subscribe to one of TubeBuddy’s plans according to your needs. Or you can kick off with the plan you need and start growing your YouTube channel now!

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