Is TubeBuddy safe?


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Is TubeBuddy safe? Why does TubeBuddy need so many permisions? Will TubeBuddy delete my videos?
I wanted to take some time and write this article to answer some of these questions.

I’m going to start with the first question: Is TubeBuddy safe?
The answer is YES!

This is a YouTube Certified service provider and have been around since December 2014. TubeBuddy is trusted by major brands like: Pepsi, and family Feud. Well known YouTubers like Mr. Beast and Philip DeFranco, aswell as YouTube Experts like Nimmin, Roberto Blake and Derral Eves. Millions of creators use TubeBuddy over the years and hundreds of thousands actively use it everyday.

Now you might be thinking, if TubeBuddy is safe, why does TubeBuddy need so many permissions? Permissions like being able to see, edit and permanently delete my videos, ratings, comments and captions?

This is because TubeBuddy uses Google’s Oauth 2.0 system, This is basically how you can sign up for TubeBuddy through your google account. In 2018, Google changed their wording to include the scary bits of information above. This was done in order to make people think harder about granting acces to 3rd party apps. Which is a good thing in order to protect more people. But understand that the TubeBuddy software would never, under any circumstances, delete your YouTube videos. Ratings, comments, or captions. The only time it will take action on your channel will be when you, the user, will request it to. For example, if you use the bulk updating tools for A/B testing, it will update your videos as per YOUR request. TubeBuddy is a tool. It’s like a painter’s paintbrush. The paintbrush alone won’t paint a masterpiece.

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Is TubeBuddy safe?

It’s not always easy to know what’s safe online and what’s not. Before signing up with software it’s our duty is to make sure that our credentials are in the right hands. TubeBuddy is safe to use and I will show you some of the reasons why:

  • Youtube Certification of TubeBuddy.
  • The #1 YouTube channel Management toolkit
  • Having safe & trustable payment methods.
  • Have Forums and communities to help customers
  • Trusted by Thousands of satisfied YouTubers.
  • Testimonials.

Will TubeBuddy delete my videos?

NO, TubeBuddy never deletes videos automatically. TubeBuddy provides features where you can take action directly from TubeBuddy. So, without your consent and action, TubeBuddy never takes any automatic actions for your channel and videos.

For video publishing and bulk video detail processing TubeBuddy required your YouTube account permission. So, TubeBuddy asks for basic video management permissions to your Google account and when you link Google account, Google asks to allow such permissions to TubeBuddy. So, for normal and bulk video procession TubeBuddy ask for such permission.



Tubebuddy is safe to use. You can first try it out for free. It is super easy to set up a free account with Tube Buddy. This way you can try out some of its features and if you like it you keep Tubebuddy installed and if you don’t, you just delete TubeBuddy.




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